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Software Update

I have tried to keep my software investments to a minimum for now.  Eventually there is some specific software I’d like to get, such as bankruptcy filing software.  However, for now, it’s hard to justify the price.  Most of the programs I have obtained recently have been $50 or less, and have had an immediate impact on my practice.

My macbook runs on Snow leopard (version 10.6).  I’ll be picking up a copy of Windows 7 soon to run on parallels.

I have a copy of Microsoft Office, but I choose to do most of my word processing and spreadsheet work with OpenOffice.

I use a lot of the software that comes bundled with MacOS.  I used iWeb to design my website (with a template I purchased from another vendor), and I use TimeMachine to back everything up to my external hard drive.  I use iCal (synced with Google Calendar) to keep my schedule.  I also downloaded a program called iWeb SEO Tool.  Since iWeb does not allow you to optimize your site for search engine optimization, this program seems invaluable to me.

One of my favorite recent purchases is Billings.  While Quickbooks offers a lot more functionality, the timekeeping and invoicing features in Billings saves me a ton of time.  Billings has a “play/pause” button for timekeeping, so I know I am recording my time accurately.  Plus, it generates an invoice from my time slips with the click of a button. Eventually, I’ll create my own invoice template, but for now, I use one of the built in templates.

I also have Evernote installed on my laptop, both of my phones, and as a Google Chrome plug-in on other computers.  I am not using evernote to its full potential, but it’s a nice way to save copies of webpages I have open on my phone, or to generate documents from my home computer that I want to access at the office. I use it to draft blog posts, and to organize research before I begin drafting documents.

Another one of my recent favorites is PDFPen.  PDFPen is an extremely affordable PDF editor that allows you to edit text, highlight, add and delete pages, and add a digital signature.  PDF pen was the subject of one of my first tweets, and is an incredibly useful tool for any attorney who doesn’t the need to spend $500 on Adobe Acrobat.

I’ve been reading recommendations from other solo attorneys about what software they have. A program called Daylight has been on my radar, but I’m waiting to pull the trigger on that.

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